2016 Dawgs!

2016 Dawgs!
Get Better!

2014 Provincial Champions

2014 Provincial Champions
"Hard Work!"

"Last Play"

"Last Play"

2011 AA JV Champions

2011 AA JV Champions
Hard Earned Is Hard To Beat!

Setting The Standard

Setting The Standard


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MACTE VIRTUE: Translation: Increase in Excellence! This is our creed!

John Barsby Football Philosophy

Try Your Hardest! Get Better Each Day! Do The Right Thing!

Program Record

1996 Varsity 3-5-0

1997 Varsity 3-6-1

1998 Varsity 1-6-0

1998 JV 6-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

1999 Varsity 11-3-0 BC Championship Finalists

1999 JV 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2000 Varsity 13-1-0 BC Champions

2000 JV 5-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2001 Varsity 5-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2001 JV 8-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2002 Varsity 6-4-0 3rd Place In Division

2002 JV 7-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 Varsity 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 JV 10-3-0 BC Semi-Finalist (Only Public School in the final four!)

2004 Varsity 8-3-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2004 JV 6-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2005 Varsity 5-3-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2005 JV(AAA) 3-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2006 Varsity 6-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2006 JV(AAA) 4-4-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 Varsity 5-5-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 JV (AA) 10-1-0 BC-Semi-Finalists

2008 Varsity 9-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2008 JV (AA) 11-1-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2009 Varsity 4-5-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2009 JV (AA) 9-2-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2010 Varsity 12-0-0 BC Champions

2010 JV (AA) 11-2-0 BC Championship Finalists

2011 Varsity 11-1 BC Championship Finalists

2011 JV (AA) 10-0 BC Champions

2012 Varsity 9-3 BC Semi-Finalists

2012 JV (AA) 8-3-1 BC Semi-Finalists

2013 Varsity 13-1 BC Champions

2013 JV (AA) 4-5 BC Quarter-Finalists

2014 Varsity 11-1 BC Champions

2014 JV (AA) 6-4 BC Quarter-Finalists

2015 Varsity 8-3 BC Quarter-Finalists

2015 JV 6-5 BC Quarter-Finalists

2016 Varsity 2-7

2016 JV 8-4 BC Finalists

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

Way To Go 2010 Varsity

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week Five

Great wins this past week for our JV's 22-0 over Lord Tweedsmuir and 32-0 for our Varsity over South Delta. A big congratulations to the 33 JV team members who came out for Thursday Study Hall!!  Also, a big shout out to the large and boisterous crowd at Friday's Varsity Game!!

This week has our JV's on their final road-trip of the regular season travelling to Campbell River on Wednesday for a 3:16 PM tilt vs the Timberline Wolves. Our Varsity squad will travel up to Parksville for the annual Border Battle versus the red hot Ballenas Whalers in what will surely be a very, very hotly contested game. Kick-Off on the Ballenas HS field will be 2:01 PM.

The JV Itinerary for Wednesday is as follows:

Wednesday, October 6th
JV @ Timberline HS, Campbell River, BC
Kick-Off 2:01 PM
Uniform: Reds
Playing Surface: Grass


1201 Meet In Dawghouse/Change Into Game Pants/Conduct All Taping
1221 Equipment Check
1231 Board Team Bus
1236 Bus Departs
1401 Arrive at Timberline
1426 Begin Team Warm-Up
1516 Kick-Off
1716 Board Bus for Dawghouse
1846 Arrive at Dawghouse/Change over Gear
1901 Players Released

*Players should bring a light snack for post-game.
**All School Rules Apply on this trip!
***Players responsible for missed school work.
****Players need to bring their own water bottle
***** Players must travel to and from game on team bus.

Varsity Itinerary For Friday's Border Battle

Varsity Dawgs @ Ballenas Whalers
Friday, October 8th, 2010
Kick-Off: 2:01 PM
2010 Border Battle!!
Uniform: Whites


1131 Meet In Dawghouse
1136 Change Into Game Pants/Conduct All Taping
1206 Equipment Check
1216 Board Team Bus
1221 Bus Departs
1256 Arrive at Ballenas/Secure Team Area
1316 Begin Team Warm-Up
1401 Kick-Off
1601 Board Bus For Dawghouse
1641 Arrive at Dawghouse/Change Over Gear
1701 Players Released
* All school rules apply on this trip.
** Players must travel to and from game on team bus.
***Players must bring their own water bottle.
****Players responsible for completing missed school assignments.

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