2016 Dawgs!

2016 Dawgs!
Get Better!

2014 Provincial Champions

2014 Provincial Champions
"Hard Work!"

"Last Play"

"Last Play"

2011 AA JV Champions

2011 AA JV Champions
Hard Earned Is Hard To Beat!

Setting The Standard

Setting The Standard


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MACTE VIRTUE: Translation: Increase in Excellence! This is our creed!

John Barsby Football Philosophy

Try Your Hardest! Get Better Each Day! Do The Right Thing!

Program Record

1996 Varsity 3-5-0

1997 Varsity 3-6-1

1998 Varsity 1-6-0

1998 JV 6-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

1999 Varsity 11-3-0 BC Championship Finalists

1999 JV 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2000 Varsity 13-1-0 BC Champions

2000 JV 5-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2001 Varsity 5-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2001 JV 8-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2002 Varsity 6-4-0 3rd Place In Division

2002 JV 7-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 Varsity 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 JV 10-3-0 BC Semi-Finalist (Only Public School in the final four!)

2004 Varsity 8-3-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2004 JV 6-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2005 Varsity 5-3-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2005 JV(AAA) 3-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2006 Varsity 6-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2006 JV(AAA) 4-4-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 Varsity 5-5-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 JV (AA) 10-1-0 BC-Semi-Finalists

2008 Varsity 9-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2008 JV (AA) 11-1-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2009 Varsity 4-5-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2009 JV (AA) 9-2-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2010 Varsity 12-0-0 BC Champions

2010 JV (AA) 11-2-0 BC Championship Finalists

2011 Varsity 11-1 BC Championship Finalists

2011 JV (AA) 10-0 BC Champions

2012 Varsity 9-3 BC Semi-Finalists

2012 JV (AA) 8-3-1 BC Semi-Finalists

2013 Varsity 13-1 BC Champions

2013 JV (AA) 4-5 BC Quarter-Finalists

2014 Varsity 11-1 BC Champions

2014 JV (AA) 6-4 BC Quarter-Finalists

2015 Varsity 8-3 BC Quarter-Finalists

2015 JV 6-5 BC Quarter-Finalists

2016 Varsity 2-7

2016 JV 8-4 BC Finalists

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

Way To Go 2010 Varsity

Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 4 JB Football

Games This Week

Jr. Varsity kick-off their season home opener on Wednesday afternoon, 3 PM in "The Cage" vs the Edward Milne Wolverines of Sooke.

Milne is going to roll in with their version of the Double Wing offense that used to be a successful and popular scheme at Barsby. This will require some great defensive practices leading up to the game and for our offense to capitalize on all of its opportunities to get the ball across the goal-line.

Speaking of defense, our JV defenders have been red hot the past two games allowing no points in either contest. Offensively we have scored 40 pts. in each contest. Time to PTM this game!

Varsity Host Frank Hurt

Surrey's Frank Hurt Hornets will be visiting "The Cage" Friday at 1:45 PM. The Hornets like to play physical ball on defense and will be looking to air up the ball with their spread attack.

This game week will go down as the biggest test of our resilience as a varsity squad since a rough start (0-3) in 2001 that eventually turned into a playoff season. We experienced perhaps the most heartbreaking and stunning loss in program history this past Friday and we need to move forward, stronger and hardened by our experience. Champions get up after being knocked down and fight on. We will do just that.

Burger Night!

Our program burger night and silent auction is this coming Saturday,6-9 PM at the Harewood Arms Pub. Tickets are $15.00 with each ticket holder getting a burger, fries and a beverage for their purchase. Half of the ticket cost will go to the JB football program. All proceeds will go towards the purchase of uniforms and protective equipment for the boys.

Please ask your friends and family if they would like to attend and support our program. Tickets can be purchased from Coach Stevenson or Coach Cooper after practice or at school.

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