2016 Dawgs!

2016 Dawgs!
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2014 Provincial Champions

2014 Provincial Champions
"Hard Work!"

"Last Play"

"Last Play"

2011 AA JV Champions

2011 AA JV Champions
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Setting The Standard

Setting The Standard


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MACTE VIRTUE: Translation: Increase in Excellence! This is our creed!

John Barsby Football Philosophy

Try Your Hardest! Get Better Each Day! Do The Right Thing!

Program Record

1996 Varsity 3-5-0

1997 Varsity 3-6-1

1998 Varsity 1-6-0

1998 JV 6-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

1999 Varsity 11-3-0 BC Championship Finalists

1999 JV 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2000 Varsity 13-1-0 BC Champions

2000 JV 5-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2001 Varsity 5-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2001 JV 8-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2002 Varsity 6-4-0 3rd Place In Division

2002 JV 7-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 Varsity 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 JV 10-3-0 BC Semi-Finalist (Only Public School in the final four!)

2004 Varsity 8-3-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2004 JV 6-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2005 Varsity 5-3-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2005 JV(AAA) 3-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2006 Varsity 6-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2006 JV(AAA) 4-4-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 Varsity 5-5-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 JV (AA) 10-1-0 BC-Semi-Finalists

2008 Varsity 9-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2008 JV (AA) 11-1-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2009 Varsity 4-5-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2009 JV (AA) 9-2-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2010 Varsity 12-0-0 BC Champions

2010 JV (AA) 11-2-0 BC Championship Finalists

2011 Varsity 11-1 BC Championship Finalists

2011 JV (AA) 10-0 BC Champions

2012 Varsity 9-3 BC Semi-Finalists

2012 JV (AA) 8-3-1 BC Semi-Finalists

2013 Varsity 13-1 BC Champions

2013 JV (AA) 4-5 BC Quarter-Finalists

2014 Varsity 11-1 BC Champions

2014 JV (AA) 6-4 BC Quarter-Finalists

2015 Varsity 8-3 BC Quarter-Finalists

2015 JV 6-5 BC Quarter-Finalists

2016 Varsity 2-7

2016 JV 8-4 BC Finalists

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

Way To Go 2010 Varsity

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Varsity Season Opener @ South Delta

Varsity Dawgs Open At The High Flying #2 Ranked South Delta SunDevils!

The John Barsby Varsity Bulldogs travel to Tsawwassen to play the defending BC Champion South Delta Sundevils on Saturday, September 12th. The challenge for us cannot be greater as we travel to play a big school loaded with player and coaching talent. The SunDevils return a lot of players from last year's championship squad and will be looking to pick-up where they left off in 08.

The Tale of The Tape

Team Colours: South Delta is Navy, White and Gold
School Size: Boys g. 11/12 South Delta 290 John Barsby 158
Size: South Delta is big and strong across the board. We are much smaller.
Speed: South Delta is very fast! John Barsby: Classified
Team Quickness: South Delta has superb team quickness John Barsby: Classified
Feeder Program: South Delta draws from Delta Community Bantam Team. Provincial Bantam Champs in 07. John Barsby JV: BC AA Semi-Finalists 07,08
Experience: Draw
Folks, the SunDevils are the BC Champions. Their success is hard-earned and they want more. We are 21 point underdogs in this contest and nobody gives us a chance.

It is very important for all JB players to have a restful Friday Night prior to the game and to go over unit and individual assignments with their teammates. Players should have their equipment prepared for the next day, their footwear prepped and their water bottles packed.

We will be on the Ferry and a light non-greasey complex carbohydrate snack is appropriate.
Game Day Information and Itinerary

Field Surface: Grass

Uniform: Greys

Bring: $10.00 for payment towards your ferry fee.

Bring: Two meals or money to purchase two meals on the ferry.

08:46 Meet In Dawghouse

09:01 Equipment Check

09:16 Board Bus For Duke Point

09:31 Arrive at Duke Point

10:16 Ferry Departs

11:31 Taping/Change in to Game Pants
11:46 Position Meetings

12:31 Board Bus for S. Delta

12:46 Arrive at S. Delta

12:51 Secure Bench, Field Walk Through

13:06 Begin Team Warm-Up

14:01 Kick-Off

16:01 Game Ends/Shake Hands with our Opponents and Celebrate game we were privileged to play!
16:06 Team Circle

16:21 Board Bus for Tsawwassen Ferry

17:46 Ferry Departs

20:11 Arrive at Dawghouse/Change Over Gear to Practice Uniforms
20:26 Players Released

Note To All:

This is a school trip. All School Rules apply on this trip. Our conduct will be better than "good enough".

All players must travel to and from the game on the team bus.

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