2014 Dawgs!

2014 Dawgs!
Get Better!

"Last Play"

"Last Play"

2011 AA JV Champions

2011 AA JV Champions
Hard Earned Is Hard To Beat!

Setting The Standard

Setting The Standard

Welcome To John Barsby Football

MACTE VIRTUE: Translation: Increase in Excellence! This is our creed!

John Barsby Football Philosophy

Try Your Hardest! Get Better Each Day! Do The Right Thing!

Program Record

1996 Varsity 3-5-0

1997 Varsity 3-6-1

1998 Varsity 1-6-0

1998 JV 6-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

1999 Varsity 11-3-0 BC Championship Finalists

1999 JV 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2000 Varsity 13-1-0 BC Champions

2000 JV 5-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2001 Varsity 5-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2001 JV 8-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2002 Varsity 6-4-0 3rd Place In Division

2002 JV 7-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 Varsity 7-2-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2003 JV 10-3-0 BC Semi-Finalist (Only Public School in the final four!)

2004 Varsity 8-3-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2004 JV 6-3-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2005 Varsity 5-3-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2005 JV(AAA) 3-4-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2006 Varsity 6-4-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2006 JV(AAA) 4-4-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 Varsity 5-5-0 Wild-Card-Playoff

2007 JV (AA) 10-1-0 BC-Semi-Finalists

2008 Varsity 9-2-0 BC Quarter-Finalists

2008 JV (AA) 11-1-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2009 Varsity 4-5-0 Wild-Card Playoff

2009 JV (AA) 9-2-0 BC Semi-Finalists

2010 Varsity 12-0-0 BC Champions

2010 JV (AA) 11-2-0 BC Championship Finalists

2011 Varsity 11-1 BC Championship Finalists

2011 JV (AA) 10-0 BC Champions

2012 Varsity 9-3 BC Semi-Finalists

2012 JV (AA) 8-3-1 BC Semi-Finalists

2013 Varsity 13-1 BC Champions

2013 JV (AA) 4-5 BC Quarter-Finalists

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

2014 Harewood Freight Train!

Way To Go 2010 Varsity

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Varsity Dawgs @ Windsor


2:01 PM
Friday, 24 October, 2014
Windsor, HS Field

Uniform: Whites

Bring: Two Meals, $10.00 and A Fierce Desire To Compete!


0856 Meet In Dawghouse-$10.00 Ferry Fare To Coach

0916 Equipment Check

0936 Board Bus For Ferry

1031 Ferry Sails To Horseshoe Bay

1206 Arrive @ Horseshoe Bay

1221 Board Bus For Windsor HS

1251 Arrive @ Windsor

1256 Change-Conduct All Taping

1311 Begin Team Warm-Up

1401 Kick-Off

1601 Game Ends

1611 Board Bus For Horseshoe Bay

1701 Ferry Sails To Departure Bay

1851 Board Bus For Dawghouse

1906 Arrive @ Dawghouse-Change Over Gear

1921 Players Released

* All School Rules Apply On This Trip
** Players Must Travel To And From Game On Team Bus

JV Dawgs @ Belmont

Week 8 JVès @ Belmont


5:01 PM
Thursday, 23 October
West Hills Stadium
Langford, BC

Uniform: Greys

Bring: A snack, your own water bottle and A Fierce Desire To Compete!


2:01 Meet In Dawghouse - Change Into Game Pants

2:21 Equipment Check

2:31 Board Bus

3:41 Arrive at Stadium

4:11 Begin Warm-Up

5:01 Kick-Off

7:01 Game Ends

7:16 Board Bus

8:41 Arrive @ Dawghouse and change over gear to practice uniforms.

9:01 Players Released

* All School Rules Apply on This Trip

**Players Must Travel To and From Game On Team Bus.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

JV Hi-Lites vs Nanaimo District 15 October, 2014

Barsby JV vs Nanaimo District Islanders
Great Bounce Game Fellas!

Next-Up Is Belmont!

Go Dawgs!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Varsity vs Argyle


Varsity Dawgs vs Argyle Pipers
4:01 PM
Friday, 17 October
Merle Logan Artificial Turf

Uniform: Blacks

Bring: Your own water bottle and  A Fierce Desire To Compete!


1:56 Meet In Dawghouse/Change/Conduct all Taping
2:26 Equipment Check
2:31 Board Bus
2:46 Arrive at Field/Secure Team Area
3:11 Begin Team Warm-Up
3:56 Captains Out
4:01 Kick-Off
6:01 Game Ends
6:16 Board Team Bus
6:31 Arrive @ Dawghouse/Change Over Gear
6:51 Team Released

* All School Rules Apply On This Trip
**All Team Members Must Travel To And From Game On Team Bus

Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014 Ray Kocher Classic


7:01 PM 
Friday, 10 October
Merle Logan Field

Uniform: Whites

Bring: Your Own Water Jug and A Fierce Desire To Compete!


4:56  Meet In Dawghouse/Conduct All Taping

5:26  Equipment Check

5:36  Board Bus

5:51  Arrive @ Field, Secure Team Area

6:11  Begin Team Warm-Up

6:53  Run Through Banner

6:56  Captains Out

7:01  Kick-Off

9:01  Game Ends

9:16  Board Team Bus

9:31 Arrive At Dawghouse/Change Over Gear

9:46  Players Released

*All Players must travel to and from game on Team Bus.

JV Dawgs VS Ballenas


JV "Border Battle"

Wednesday, 8 October 3:31 PM
"In The Cage" 

Uniform: Blacks


1:56  Meet In Dawghouse/Get Changed

2:26  Equipment Check

2:36  Secure Bench Area/Conduct Warm-Up

3:31  Kick-Off

5:31  Game Ends

* Players are responsible for making up all missed assignments (C-Block)

Bring A Fierce Desire To Compete!!!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Varsity Dawgs vs Sentinel Spartans


Varsity Dawgs vs Sentinel Spartans
Friday, 3 October
1:46 PM
Merle Logan Field, Nanaimo, BC

Uniform: Blacks

Bring: Your Own Water Bottle and A Fierce Desire To Compete!

Game Day Itinerary

11:56  Meet In Dawghouse/Put on Game Pants/Conduct All Taping

12:11  Equipment Check

12:16 Board Team Bus

12:31 Arrive @ Merle Logan, Secure Bench Area

12:51  Begin Team Warm-Up

13:41  Captains Out

13:46  Kick-Off

15:46  Game Ends

16:06  Board Bus For Dawghouse

16:26  Arrive @ Dawghouse/Change Over Gear

16:46  Players Released

* All School Rules Apply On This Trip
**Players Responsible For All Missed Assignments
***All Players Must Travel To And From Game On Team Bus

JV Dawgs @ Mt. Douglas Rams

JV Dawgs @ Mt. Douglas Rams
Wednesday, 1 October
3:16 PM Kick-Off
Mt. Douglas High School Field

Uniform: Greys

Bring: Your Own Water-Bottle, A Snack and A Fierce Desire To Compete!

Game Day Itinerary

11:56  Meet In Dawghouse/Change Into Game Pants

12:11  Equipment Check

12:16  Board Bus For Mt. Douglas

13;46  Arrive @ Mt. Douglas

14:16  Begin Warm-Up

15:16  Kick-Off

17:16  Game Ends

17:31  Board Bus For John Barsby

18:46  Arrive @ Dawghouse/Change Over Gear

19:01  Players Released

* All School Rules Apply On This Trip
**All Players Must Travel To and From Game on School Bus
***Players Are Responsible For All Missed Assignments

Sunday, September 21, 2014

JV Dawgs @ Spectrum HS

JV's @ Spectrum HS

Friday, 26 September, 2014

Uniform: Greys

Bring: A large water jug, a snack and a Fierce Desire To Compete!



12:56 Meet in Dawghouse, Change into Game Pants

1:21  Equipment Check

1:31 Board Team Bus For Spectrum

2:46  Arrive at Spectrum HS

2:51  Secure Bench Area/Get Changed

3:16  Begin Team Warm-Up

4:11  Captains Out

4:16  Kick-Off

6:16  Game Ends

6:31  Board Bus

7:46  Arrive @ Dawghouse/Change Over Gear

8:01  Players Released

* All School Rules Apply On This Trip

**Players Must Travel To And From Game On Team Bus

2014 Border Battle

Great Game This Past Friday vs Ballenas

The Sentinel Spartans 
Friday, 3 October Merle Logan Field, Nanaimo, BC

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Universe Echos

Fancy This! 
There is a song called Get Better!  Better Yet, "It" is sung by a band called BLEACHERS!

Huge Gal Dang Positive Omen For 2014!


"Share your fears with yourself and your courage with others. You will inspire people to do things that are incredible." (Franklin "Doug" Miller)
OK Gang,
Reflecting on your past and current life experience, what does this mean to you?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Exhibition Game Day Itinerary

Varsity vs Ballenas
Friday, 31 May, 2:01 PM 
John Barsby Field

Uniform: Blacks

Itinerary (PM)

12:31  Meet In Dawghouse/Conduct All Taping/Change Into Uniforms
13:01  Proceed To Team Bench
13:06  Begin Team Warm-Up
14:01  Game Begins
14:31  Half-Time
14:46  Second Half Begins
15:16  Game Ends/Hand Shake/Afterglow.

*Players Must Bring a 2 litre Water Bottle
**All Uniforms/Girdles must be turned in SAP after the Game (including socks), lockers cleaned and pads stored accordingly.

Jr. Varsity vs Ballenas
Friday, 31 May, 3:31 PM 
John Barsby Field

Uniform: Blacks

Itinerary (PM)

14:01  Meet In Dawghouse/Conduct All Taping/Change Into Uniforms
14:31  Proceed To Team Bench
14:36  Begin Team Warm-Up (Small Field)
15:31  Game Begins
16:01  Half-Time
16:16  Second Half Begins
16:46  Game Ends/Hand Shake/Afterglow.

*Players Must Bring a 2 litre Water Bottle
**All Uniforms/Girdles must be turned in SAP after the Game (including socks), lockers cleaned and pads stored accordingly. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2014 Spring Exhibition

We Finally Get To Play Some Ball Y'All!

Greetings All,

Due to factors beyond our control, we will be finishing Spring Football with an Exhibition Double Header vs The Ballenas Whalers.  We are EXTREMELY THANKFUL to The Ballenas Program for  this opportunity!  We are going to be great hosts and get better Friday afternoon with our friends from Parksville!

We would like to convey our  apologies to folks who had planned for the Saturday JV event.  Friday is the day we have to go with in order to play some ball.  The schedule for Friday is as follows:

Varsity Spring Exhibition Game

Friday, 30 May, 2014
John Barsby Field "The Cage"

2:01 PM to 3:15 PM vs The Ballenas Whalers

We will play 30 minute halves with a 10 Minute Half-Time

Jr. Varsity Spring Exhibition Game

Friday, 30 May, 2014
John Barsby Field "The Cage"

3:31 PM to 4:45 PM vs The Ballenas Whalers

We will play 30 minute halves with a 10 Minute Half-Time

**Note: Both Games will be video-taped and posted on HUDL in short order.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Ball 2014

2014 Spring Practice Schedule

By rule we are allowed 10 practices and a game/jamboree during Spring Football.  At Barsby, we choose to spread these practices across the month of May so as to be able to practice, reflect, re-organize and re-orient our practices.  We also give ourselves time to "lick our wounds", rest and come back more focused than ever for each practice.

Varsity Spring Practices

#1 Monday, May 5th 0631-0801 AM
#2 Wednesday, May 7th 0631-0801 AM
#3 Friday, May 9th 0631-0801 AM
#4 Monday, May 12th 0631-0801 AM
#5 Wednesday, May 14th 0631-0801 AM
#6 Friday, May 16th 0631-0801 AM
#7 Wednesday, May 21st 0631-0801 AM
#8 Friday, May 23rd 0631-0801 AM
#9 Monday, May 25th 0631-0801 AM
#10 Wednesday, May 26th 0631-0801 AM

Thursday, May 27th Program, Team and  Individual  Photographs 3:21-5:01 PM

Varsity Jamboree: Friday, 30 May vs Windsor and Ballenas 2:01-4:31 PM "In The Cage!" aka John Barsby Field

Jr. Varsity Spring Practices

#1 Monday, May 5th 3:21-5:01 PM
#2 Wednesday, May 7th 3:21-5:01 PM
#3 Thursday, May 8th 3:21-5:01 PM
#4 Monday, May 12th 3:21-5:01 PM
#5 Wednesday, May 14th 3:21-5:01 PM
#6 Thursday, May 15th 3:21-5:01 PM
#7 Wednesday, May 21st 3:21-5:01 PM
#8 Thursday, May 22nd 3:21-5:01 PM
#9 Monday, May 25th 3:21-5:01 PM
#10 Wednesday, May 26th 3:21-501 PM

Thursday, May 27th Program, Team and  Individual  Photographs 3:21-5:01 PM

Jr. Varsity Jamboree: Saturday, 31 May vs NDSS and Ballenas 11:01 AM - 1:31 PM "In The Cage!" aka John Barsby Field

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 Football Spring Frenzy Camp!

Spring Camp A Hit! Literally!!

Fun weekend at this year's Football Spring Frenzy Camp!  Big props to all the players, coaches and parents who came out and GOT BETTER!  A Big Thank You To Quality Foods for providing our meals both days and to Lorraine Tanti/Jeff Topley for cooking all the meals.  Another big thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped serve and clean-up after our meals!!

Well done with the video/photo presentation Mrs. Tamara Mize!

Camp photos by Mrs. Tracy Donovan can be viewed on the South-Side Minor Football Association Facebook Page.

Island Pride!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cuong Thai NFL/CFL Pro Day

2005/2006 Barsby Team Captain  Cuong Thai Rips Up NFL/CFL Pro-Day

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Five Dollars Per- 40lb plus bag, buy four, get fifth bag FREE!  Student Parking Lot off of Bruce Avenue.
All proceeds go towards uniforms and protective equipment.
March is a pivotal month for the Barsby Football Program.  We have held 2014 player registration, our feeder program is up and running and the annual Garden Manure Sale will be complete, this Saturday. 
The manure sale is awesome!  Everyone in the program gets together in common cause to raise much needed funds for the kids.  The players themselves have a hand in putting their uniforms on their backs and develop a strong sense of program ownership.  Much like spring itself, this is the time when the program germinates again for another year of football.  We are extremely excited about the coming journey and the development of all the players as we write the 2014 chapter of program history.  This year's JV and Varsity squads are unwritten books and it will so fun and rewarding as they strive for and attain the status of being the best Barsby they can be!
As March winds down and April begins, we will be transitioning workouts in the weight-room, gymnasium and on the grass.  There are camps ahead, evening throw-arounds and a spring combine.  There will be baseline concussion testing, certification and some new additions to the coaching staff.  May will seee UBC arriving for a camp on the 3rd and then Spring Practice, Program Photos and Jamborees to wind-up the month.  There is much, much, much to do in order to GET BETTER!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Getting Better

The work is ongoing.  As ol Socrates said, "...you are what you do every day, therefore excellence is a habit."  Thursday, 6 March is a "Get Better" day for sure.  Classroom, gym floor, weight-room for sure. Today, five Sr.'s from our 2013 squad are beginning the process of giving back.  They are providing twenty and thirty minute blocks of instruction to an entire elementary school in their gymnasium across the entire day. Yesterday, while scooping gear for the session, one of these young men remarked that it is exactly ten years ago that he first stepped on the school field for spring flag-football.  Here he is now with his with his mates, a two-time provincial champion, teaching another generation this great game.  In fact, today is his eighteenth birthday and he is spending a great portion of it making a corner of the world a little bit better.  Amen!

Tonight, long-time coaches on our staff, Randy and Larry Cooper are leading over sixty players aged 9-13 through their second practice of the 2014 spring football season.  Flag for the 9,10,11's and tackle for the 12 13's.  The brothers Coop are not alone!  With them on the field are a superb Cadre of community coaches, alumni and current HS players helping our young folks get better!  Saturday will see parents and again, long-time volunteers help out with game-day operations.  It is truly a thing of beauty when a group of diverse people come together in common cause.  I truly believe that everyone walks away "better" in some way from each practice and game than they were before they showed-up.  The friendships that develop out on that patch of dirt are lasting and are the sinews that hold our program together.

There is always room out there on the field for newcomers.  Everyone has something about themselves that is unique and that they can contribute. This applies to youth and adults alike.  The best food you ever ate was probably made from scratch and the mix of folks out on the field tonight will fit within that paradigm just swell.

Today, Thursday 6 March is a great day. Today we get better!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



Not a day goes by where I am not thankful for being a part of this program!  There is ALWAYS something to celebrate, ALWAYS.  Performance and Leadership class was flat-out awesome!  The guys push so dang hard.  Effort ruled the day today. A block took things to a new level!  B-Block wasn't far off.  We were gifted one hour and ten minutes and we used it to the max! Here is how it went:

1) Announcements/ 45 crunches/ABC/30 yard build-ups followed by Stretch

2) We skip roped 440 plus yards switching styles and rhythm every 40 yards

3) We harnessed up and dragged partners 300 plus yards in 20 yard all-out increments

4) Thirty plyo push-ups and thirty jack-knife sit-ups with 15 lb medicine ball

5) Transition to weight-room 3 x 10 full squats minimum 185 lbs

6) A-Block then rocked a 20 station timed circuit 3 x 10 reps in 80 seconds or less

7) Bell rings during clean-up

The guys supported each other throughout and NEVER QUIT !!!!!!!!!!  We  GOT BETTER!


There are no lies on the football field! 


Dirty Yards, Pretty Yards and everything in Between
Barsby RB Brandon Parker Hi-Lites! 
Great job teammates paving the way!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beat The Odds!

JV Registration Night 2014
Monday, 3 March
6:01 PM
Chandler Hall (Formerly The MPR)
"Ninety Nine Percent Of What Men Don't Do Is What They Don't Allow Themselves To Do"
Face Your Fears!
Bowl Em-Over!
Sprint To Your Greatness!


"Figuring things out for yourself is the only freedom anyone really has, use that freedom, make-up your own mind.." LT. JEAN RASCZAK 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Alumni Game

2013 Game Loads Of Fun!

Played every year at high noon the first Saturday after Christmas, this year's game was a classic.  The split was between 2008 and 2009.  The "Old Dawgs" wore red and white while the "young fellers" wore black.

It sure was good to see everyone including all the parents and coaches from years past as well!



Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 Varsity Master Schedule

Master Schedule Up

Note: This is the schedule in broad strokes. Specific dates have yet to be confirmed and exhibition tilts are currently being arranged.  Our Varsity will be playing home games on Fridays at Merle Logan.  Times: TBA

AA Varsity Schedule
Week #0 August 29-30
Week #1 September 5-6
Friday, 5th  Sept. 4:01 PM vs GW Graham Grizzlies Merle Logan Field *JV's play at 2:01 PM as part of a double header vs this program. Exhibition **Graham was AA JV Champions in 2013!
Week #2 September 12-13

Friday, 12th Sept. 6:01 PM vs Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers (AAA) Merle Logan Field
Week #3 September 19-20
Sentinel @ Argyle
Abbotsford @ Pitt Meadows
Fri. 19th Carson Graham @ Nanaimo    3:30 PM  Merle Logan Field
Robert Bateman @ Mission
Fri. 19th Ballenas @ John Barsby 7:01 PM Merle Logan Field   !!Border Battle!!    
G.W. Graham @ Rick Hansen
Windsor – BYE SRT – BYE
Week #4 September 26-27
John Barsby vs Spectrum TBA
Ballenas @ Carson Graham
Robert Bateman @ Rick Hansen
Argyle @ Nanaimo
Mission @ Abbotsford
Windsor @ Sentinel
Pitt Meadows @ SRT
G.W Graham – BYE                       
Week #5 October 3-4
Windsor @ Carson Graham
SRT @ Robert Bateman
Holy Cross @ Frank Hurt
Fri. 3rd Sentinel @ John Barsby 1:46 PM Merle Logan Field 
G.W. Graham @ Pitt Meadows
Hugh Boyd @ Seaquam
Nanaimo @ Ballenas
Mission @ Rick Hansen
Moscrop @ Langley
Abbotsford – BYE Argyle -- BYE
Week #6 October 10-11
Fri. 10th John Barsby @ Nanaimo 7:01 PM, Merle Logan Field          
Mission @ G.W Graham
Moscrop @ Hugh Boyd
Carson Graham @ Sentinel
Pitt Meadows @ Robert Bateman
Seaquam @ Holy Cross
Argyle @ Windsor
SRT @ Abbotsford
Langley @ F. Hurt
Ballenas – BYE Rick Hansen --BYE
Week #7 October 17-18
Fri. 17th Argyle @ John Barsby 4:01 PM, Merle Logan Field 
Abbotsford @ G.W. Graham
Seaquam @ Moscrop
Windsor @ Ballenas
Rick Hansen @ SRT
Frank Hurt @ Hugh Boyd
Sentinel @ Nanaimo  1:30 PM, Merle Logan Field                   
Pitt Meadows @ Mission
Langley @ H. Cross
Carson Graham –BYE Robert Bateman --BYE
Week #8 Octobler 24-25
Ballenas @ Sentinel
Rick Hansen @ Pitt Meadows
Holy Cross @ Moscrop
Fri. 24th John Barsby @ Windsor 2:01 PM, Windsor Field 
SRT @ G.W. Graham
Hugh Boyd @ Langley
Carson Graham @ Argyle
Abbotsford @ Robert Bateman
Frank Hurt @ Seaquam
Nanaimo – BYE Mission -- BYE
Week #9 Oct. 31-Nov. 1
Nanaimo @ Windsor
SRT @ Mission
Langley @ Seaquam
Argyle @ Ballenas
Rick Hansen @ Abbotsford
Holy Cross @ Hugh Boyd
John Barsby @ Carson Graham 2:01 PM, Carson Graham HS Field
Robert Bateman @ GW Graham
Moscrop @ Frank Hurt
Sentinel – BYE Pitt Meadows –BYE
Round 1 Playoffs: Nov. 7/8
BC Quarter-Final Playoffs: Nov. 14/15
BC Semi Final Playoffs: Sat, Nov. 22
BC Championship Game: Sat, Nov. 29


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Subway Bowl BC Championship Game!

Subway Bowl

AA Varsity Championship Game
Saturday, 30 November, 2013
3:31 PM BC Place Stadium


Uniform: Reds

Bring: A Fierce Desire To Compete!


0901 Meet In Dawghouse-Give Your $10.00 to Coach Finstad
0926 Equipment Check
0931 Board Bus
1031 Deptarture Bay Ferry Sails
1301 Arrive At BC Place
1346 Change, Conduct All Taping
1431 Team Warm-Up
1521 Intros
1526 Captains Out
1531 Kick-Off
1731 Game Ends/Shake Hands
1846 Bus Leave For Horseshoe Bay
2101 Ferry Sails For Departure Bay
2251 Arrive @ Dawghouse, Sort And Turn-In All Uniforms And Equipment
2316 Players Released

*All School Rules Apply On This Trip
**Players Must Travel To And From Game On Team Bus
***Bring $10.00 For Ferry And Two Meals
****Bring Your Own Water Bottle!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Varsity To Semi-Final Game Sat. Nov. 23rd !




Coming off of a 48-6 Quarter-Final Victory over Holy Cross, the Varsity Dawgs are off to the semi-final tilt against our old friends and rivals, the Mission Roadrunners! 


Go Dawgs!!!!!


2013 BC High School Football Sr. Varsity Semi-Final schedule - UBC Thunderbird Stadium

BC High School Football has released the schedule for Semi-Final Saturday at UBC Thunderbird Stadium on November 23.
AA Division
Semi-Final #1: South Delta Sun Devils vs Carson Graham Eagles - 12 pm
Semi-Final #2: John Barsby Bulldogs vs Mission Roadrunners - 2:30 pm
AAA Division
Semi-Final #1: Mt. Douglas Rams vs Lord Tweedsmuir Panthers - 5 pm
Semi-Final #2: Terry Fox Ravens vs W.J. Mouat Hawks - 7:30 pm
Fan Information:
General Admission tickets are $10 and gets you in for all four games. Children under-12 are free.
Be sure to pick up your free copy of the Subway Bowl program and game day hotsheet.
Pay parking is available on the street and at the gravel lot in front of the stadium.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Varsity Dawgs Host BC Quarter-Final Game

Varsity Host Holy Cross This Saturday, 1:01 PM


Varsity Dawgs vs Holy Cross Crusaders

1:01PM, Saturday, 16 November, Merle Logan Field, Nanaimo

AA Varsity BC Quarter-Final Playoff Game

Uniform: Reds

Bring: Your own water bottle and a Fierce Desire To Compete!


1026 Meet In Dawghouse/Get Changed/Taped

1121 Equipment Check

1131 Board Bus For Merle Logan

1146 Arrive at Field/Secure Bench Area

1201 Begin Team Warm-Up

1253 Run Through Banner

1256 Captains Out

1301 Game Begins

1501 Game Ends/Handshake

1506 Team Circle

1516 Board Bus For Dawghouse

1531 Arrive At Dawghouse/Change Over Gear

1551 Players Released

* All Team Rules Apply On This Trip

**Players Must Travel To And From Game On Team Bus

Friday, November 8, 2013

JV Dawgs Host BC Quarter-Final Game!

JV Dawgs vs Argyle Pipers


1:31PM, Wednesday, 13 November, Merle Logan Field Nanaimo

AA JV BC Quarter-Final Playoff Game

Uniform: Blacks

Bring: Your own water bottle and a Fierce Desire To Compete!


1126 Meet In Dawghouse/Get Changed/Taped

1201 Equipment Check

1211 Board Bus For Merle Logan

1226 Arrive at Field/Secure Bench Area

1236 Begin Team Warm-Up

1323 Run Through Banner

1326 Captains Out

1331 Game Begins

1531 Game Ends/Handshake

1536 Team Circle

1546 Board Bus For Dawghouse

1601 Arrive At Dawghouse/Change Over Gear

1621 Players Released

* All Team Rules Apply On This Trip

**Players Responsible For All Missed Assignments

***Players Must Travel To And From Game On Team Bus

Opening Round Playoff Hi-Lites vs Moscrop Are Below